BSSIM - Downscaling remote sensing data

ges309 - Posted on 14 March 2010

I'm struggling to get BSSIM to work without crashing. I would like to simulate a grid using coarse resolution remote sensing data (25 km pixels x=178 & y=138) and point ground observations. This approach follows that suggested by Liu & Journel (2009). I have loaded successfully the ground observations as an object and read the block information in as a separate file. The software appears to start processing the data and then crashes with no error reported. Any tips or success stories to motivate me? Cheers, Adrian
The main limitation of BSSIM is that the coarse inputs must on point sets. This was initially designed by Liu to be able to handle coarse data of any shape. The drawback is that when you have regular gridded data you will have to create one point set per pixel in your regular grid. Are you looking to downscale proportions to indicators or simply continuous attributes? I may have some plugins to help you out.
My remote sensing data are blocks and these are converted to a file following the format described in Liu & Journel (2009 p. 529). This file is successfully read in. I presume this is what you mean by creating one point set per pixel. The ground-based observations are read in as a point set. BSSIM is required to make estimates on a fine regular grid for a continuous property. The problem seems not to be reading the data in but BSSIM crashing. SGeMs appears to start processing and then after about 5 secs crashes. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks.
Can you run it without the ground-based observations? If you want you can send me the data and I will run it through the debugger.
I've tried running BSSIM with and without the ground data and with various switches for which and how many data are included. In all cases the data are accepted, the software shows that it is busy and then it crashes. Thanks for the offer to run my data through the debugger. I'll send the data.
Hello ges309. Have you solved your problem? I'm having similar issues. Thanks for your input.

I am also having the same problem.

Any solution here ??


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