SGeMS in the classroom

SGeMS is a very capable software for teaching geostatistics both at an introductory or advanced level. These following faculties are using SGeMS in the classroom: (send me your name, affiliation and class title to be added to the list)

Alexandre Boucher
Introduction to Geostatistics (EESS/ENERGY 161)
Stanford University, CA, USA
João Felipe Costa
Graduate Level:
  • introduction to geostatistics
  • practice in geostatistics
  • non linear geostatistics
  • multivariate geoestatistics
  • geostatistical simulation
Undergrad Level
  • mineral resources evaluation
  • practice in geoestatiscs
Mining Engineering Department Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Roussos Dimitrakopoulos
MIME525 Stochastic Orebody Modelling
McGill University, Canada
Brigitte Doligez
Reservoir Characterization and Modelling - introduction to Geostatistics
IFP Géologie-Géophysique-Géochimie, France
Andre Journel
Geostatistics for spatial phenomena (ENERGY/GES 240)
Stanford University, CA, USA
Tapan Murkeji
Practice of Geostatisitcs (ENERGY 241)
Stanford University, CA, USA
David Robinson
Geophysical and Environmental Soil Sensing (AGSL 3010)
University of the West Indies,Trinidad and Tobago
Amilcar Soares
Introduction to Geostatistics,
Environmental Monitoring
Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon.
Eduardo Cassiraga
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.