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aboucher - Posted on 21 September 2010

Alexandre Boucher will be giving two SGeMS-based shortcourses hosted by Prof Felipe Costa at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil).
Applied Geostatistics with SGeMS
Multiple-Point Geostatistics: Modeling with Training Image-Based Algorithms

Applied Geostatistics with SGeMS

Date: November 22nd-26th 2010

This 5-day course covers the fundamental of geostatistics from variogram modeling, kriging, cokriging as well as conditional simulations of continuous attribute and geology with variograms and training images. The focus is on an intuitive understanding of the underlying concepts with the help of computer-based and classroom exercises. Click here for more details

Multiple-Point Geostatistics: Modeling with Training Image-Based Algorithms

Date: November 29th- December 2nd 2010

Training image-based geostatistics is significantly changing spatial modeling. The traditional analytical nature of models, e.g. through variograms, is replaced with a more visual approach in the form of training images. The training image explicitly contains the patterns, or essentially, the multiple-point statistics (mps), that are deemed relevant for the spatial phenomena under study. This 4-day short course introduces the attendees to the theory, concept and practice of multiple-point geostatistics. Click here for more details

Que tal, soy relativamente nueva en el uso del SGeMS,por lo que tengo varias dudas acerca de como migrar datos de pozos, ya he relazado la operacion varias ocaciones y me ha quedado bien, sin embargo, tengo varios pozos que no son verticales, como hago para cargar estos pozos y que se vea la desviacion? Para alizar una formacion, cuya profundidad vria en cada pozo, como hago para seleccionar solo esa profundidad?, o es que solo debo de introducir los datos de esa formacion? El libro que se muestra en la aprte superior derecha donde lo puedo adquirir? Gracias por su amable atencion.

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