Commands for data management

aboucher - Posted on 12 April 2009

This set of commands allows managing data in SGeMS, e.g. creating a grid, deleting/copying properties or loading/saving a project.

ClearPropertyValueIf Grid::Prop::Min::Max
Set to not-informed all values of property Prop in grid Grid that are in range [Min,Max].
CopyProperty GridSource::PropSource::GridTarget::PropTarget[::Overwrite::isHardData]
Copy a property from one object (point-set or Cartesian grid) to another. PropSource is the property to be copied, from object GridSource to object GridTarget. The copied property is called PropTarget. If optional parameter Overwrite is equal to 1, the copy would overwrite values already on PropTarget. Parameter isHardData sets the copied values as hard data if isHardData=1. By default, Overwrite=0 and isHardData=0.
DeleteObjectProperties Grid::Prop1[::Prop2::...::PropN]
Delete all the specified properties from Grid.
DeleteObjects Grid1[::Grid2::...::GridN]
Delete the specified objects.
SwapPropertyToRAM Grid::Prop1[::Prop2::...::PropN]
Loads the specified properties into the random access memory (RAM). Operating on properties loaded in RAM is faster than working with properties accessed from the disk.
SwapPropertyToDisk Grid::Prop1[::Prop2::...::PropN]
Removes the specified properties from RAM and store them on the disk. Accessing those properties, for example displaying them, will be slower. This is useful to control RAM consumption. The SGeMS simulation algorithms (sgsim, sisim, etc) store all but the latest realization on the disk.
LoadProject ProjectName
Load the specified project. The ProjectName must be given as a full path folder, e.g. D:/user/test2d.prj/.
SaveGeostatGrid Grid::Filename::Filter
Save the specified grid on file. The Filename must be given with a full directory path. Filter specified the data format: either ascii GSLIB or binary sgems. Load the specified project.
LoadObjectFromFile Filename
Load the object from the specified file. The Filename must be given with a full directory path.
NewCartesianGrid Name::Nx::Ny::Nz[::SizeX::SizeY::SizeZ][::Ox::Oy::Oz]
Create a new cartesian grid with the specified geometry. The default pixel size value for [SizeX,SizeY,SizeZ] is 1 and the default origin [Ox,Oy,Oz] is 0.
RunGeostatAlgorithm AlgorithmName::ParametersHandler::AlgorithmParameters
Run the algorithm specified by AlgorithmName. ParametersHandler tells SGeMS how to parse the parameters. Use /GeostatParamUtils/XML unless you know well what you are doing. The parameters of the algorithm are provided as an XML string, identical to the one obtained by saving the algorithm parameters to a file (the only difference is that all the parameters must be on a single line).