Qt 4.7.0 and SGeMS

David Machuca - Posted on 18 October 2010

This topic is intended to initiate a discussion on the compatibility issues between the new version of Qt and SGeMS.
What are the compatibility issues between SGeMS and Qt 4.7.0?
Is it safe to use Qt 4.7.0 for developing SGeMS plug-in interfaces?

Thank you since now for your contributions.

Some students used 4.7, no issue reported. We still have trouble with vs2010.

It seems that Qt 4.7 do not recognize the file GsTLwidgets.dll I copied in the C:\Qt\4.7.0\plugins\designer directory. The corresponding widgets do not appear in the widget box.
Moreover, when I open the .ui form files in Qt4.7, the slots for the grids and variograms do not appear either.
Thank you very much for your help


To use Qt 4.7 you must recompile sgems using that latest version. Do not forget to use the release version of GsTLwidgets.dll in the plugins/designer folder.

Thanks for your promptly answer.
I updated the SGeMS code from SVN. The recompilation in release mode made a copy of GsTLwidgets in the folder C:\Qt\4.7.0\plugins\designer

However, the widgets do not appear yet in Qt Designer.

In designer, go to Help -> About plugins. You should see a message (at the bottom) that explains why the library failed to load; could you copy that message.

Thanks for your promptly reply.
The complete message is:
Cannot load library C:/Qt/4.7.0/plugins/GsTLwidgets.dll: The specified module could not be found.

Be sure to adjust your environment variable PATH and QT_PLUGIN_PATH (c:\Qt\4.7.x\plugins) to reflect the change to qt4.7. The env. var. PATH should have the path to the sgems dll release/lib/win32 path.

I added

To the Path environment variable and now Qt 4.7 recognizes the SGeMS widgets.
Thank you very much!


Excellent. GsTLWidgets needs a few others libraries, hence the need to provide the path to these libraries.

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