New to SGEMS data format

mebolario - Posted on 08 December 2010

Hi, I am new in using SGEMS and I want to export data from a surpac string file or an excel database to SGEMS. Is there a faster way to go about it? Right now I am manually reformatting the data set for use in SGEMS and its too much time
Hi I am Yhonny Ruiz estimated. look at the format for importing into SGeMS is: brief description of the data number of columns this North elevation sample1 Sample 2 . . . example composite sample 5 X and z Au Ag 07.02 05.01 345 5678 124 367 5689 127 1.2 3.2
You have two options

(a) Write a C++ plugin that will allows sgems to read/write your data format (this is the most difficult)

(b) Write a python script that will do the formatting for you (much easier)
You can easily save your data as CSV and then export them to MATLAB, by there, you can simply convert your data as Gslib format and then use it

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