Need help on SGS parameters

wangfang - Posted on 28 March 2011

Hi everyone, I have questions on Sequential Guassion Simulation parameters which confuse me. For SGS, the input parameters include nugget, contribution, ranges (max,med,min) and angles. I want to know how to connect the ranges to the three correlation length (lamda_x, lamda_y, lamda_z). Whether the range_max is three times of the Lamda_x, the range_med is three times of the Lamda_y, and the range_min is three times of Lamda_z. Am I right? Is the contribution is usually one for the unconditional data? The mean and variance are zero and one. If I want to get the stochastic field with mean of 10 and variance of 0.1, I should convert the output data and calculate them from standard normal distribution to normal distribution. Am I right? Thanks. I appreciate it very much! Fang