SNESIM_std-Accounting for auxiliary variable (local proportion)

hassanrezaee1986 - Posted on 25 May 2011

Accounting for auxiliary variable in SNESIM Hi all, I would appreciate it if you please help me with the following problem: I’m trying to examine MPS application in a mining context and the phenomenon we have considered is Dike system in one of the well-known Porphyry copper mines in Iran. Up to this point in time, I have produced TI and on the next step we are going to simulate the Dike system on the whole operating mine environment. But here the problem is that in the real domain the proportion of Dike varies with different amounts, I mean there are some parts in the area that we are aware of higher Dike occurrence and on the contrary areas with lower proportions: I produced a grid point on which the local Dike proportions are labeled (known) but I don’t know how should I input this auxiliary variable in SNESIM_std to see the local variation of Dike occurrence in the final realization. Hassan
Use probability fields. Create two properties, the probability of not having dike and the probability of having dikes. In the conditioning tab select the option "Use Probability Data Calibrated from Soft Data" and select the two properties. The ordering matters, the first probability field is for category zero and the second one for category one.

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