Compile problem since revision 136

cultpenguin - Posted on 30 May 2011

Hi Alex

Since SVN revision 136 of SGeMS I have had trouble compiling SGeMS in Linux (Ubuntu)

Compilation stops with the following error :
kriging_mean.cpp: In member function ‘virtual int KrigingMean::execute(GsTL_project*)’:
kriging_mean.cpp:79:8: warning: unused variable ‘issue_no_conditioning_data_warning’
kriging_mean.cpp: In member function ‘virtual bool KrigingMean::initialize(const Parameters_handler*, Error_messages_handler*)’:
kriging_mean.cpp:230:20: error: expected type-specifier before ‘Zero_covariance’
kriging_mean.cpp:230:20: error: cannot convert ‘int*’ to ‘Covariance >*’ in assignment
kriging_mean.cpp:230:20: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘Zero_covariance’
In file included from /home/tmeha/RESEARCH/PROGRAMMING/TEST/sgems/sgems/GsTLAppli/grid/grid_model/point_set.h:35:0,
from kriging_mean.cpp:35:
/home/tmeha/RESEARCH/PROGRAMMING/TEST/sgems/sgems/GsTLAppli/grid/grid_model/gval_iterator.h: In constructor ‘Gval_const_iterator::Gval_const_iterator(const Geostat_grid*, const GsTLGridProperty*, int, int, MapIndex) [with MapIndex = LinearMapIndex]’:
/home/tmeha/RESEARCH/PROGRAMMING/TEST/sgems/sgems/GsTLAppli/grid/grid_model/point_set.h:348:37: instantiated from here
/home/tmeha/RESEARCH/PROGRAMMING/TEST/sgems/sgems/GsTLAppli/grid/grid_model/gval_iterator.h:322:11: warning: unused variable ‘id’
make[1]: *** [../../lib/linux/obj/geostat/kriging_mean.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/tmeha/RESEARCH/PROGRAMMING/TEST/sgems/sgems/GsTLAppli/geostat'
make: *** [sub-geostat-make_default] Error 2
Can you from the above see what the problem is..?

And, now that I am here, Is there any timeline for a release of a new SGeMS version based on the SVN code ?

have a nice day
- Thomas

Hi Thomas, Could you please update the gstl cvs and try again. I will release the svn version very soon. I have a few things to fix first. Need to find the time!
Hi Alex. SGeMS compiles fine again using the latest revision of SGeMS and GsTL Thanx - Thomas
Running the script from failed on compiling sgem: 1 /Downloads/sgems/GsTL/GsTL/geometry/Block_covariance.h: In copy constructor ‘Block_covariance::Block_covariance(const Block_covariance&)’: 2 /Downloads/sgems/GsTL/GsTL/geometry/Block_covariance.h:24: error: ‘cov_’ was not declared in this scope 3 /Downloads/sgems/GsTL/GsTL/geometry/Block_covariance.h: In constructor ‘Block_covariance::Block_covariance(Covariance, float, std::vector, std::allocator > >)’: 4 /Downloads/sgems/GsTL/GsTL/geometry/Block_covariance.h:31: error: class ‘Block_covariance’ does not have any field named ‘cov_’ 5 /Downloads/sgems/GsTL/GsTL/geometry/Block_covariance.h: In member function ‘typename Covariance_base::result_type Block_covariance::compute(const typename Location::difference_type&) const’: 6 /home/jrevote/Downloads/sgems/GsTL/GsTL/geometry/Block_covariance.h:85: error: ‘cov_’ was not declared in this scope 7 In file included from /Downloads/sgems/sgems/GsTLAppli/grid/grid_model/grid_property_manager.h:37, 8 from /Downloads/sgems/sgems/GsTLAppli/grid/grid_model/point_set.h:38, 9 from kriging.cpp:35: Tried building sgem from source manually and via script on Ubuntu-10.10. Jerico
Could you try again after updating gstl from the cvs repository. I currently do not have access to my linux system but I believe I found the problem.
Did a new checkout of GsTL from the CVS repo and tried rebuilding sgems and still getting the same error as per before "'cov_' was not declared in this scope".

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