runing SGEMS in a non-intercative mode

temistoclesr - Posted on 06 June 2011

Right now I am trying to run sgems in a non-interactive mode on the background in Windows, I understand I can call sgems from a CMD window using the command sgems, and I tried to run python scripts typing in the CMD window something like this: C:\sgems> sgems RunScript c:\sgems\ But it didn’t do anything. Do you know how to run sgems on the background? Or if anyone have run sgems in a non-interactive mode? Regards
You will need to copy your command in a script file, say sgems.script.

--------sgems.script -------//Not part of the file
RunScript c:\sgems\

Then call C:\sgems> sgems sgems.script

You can obviously add others command in that script.

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