Masked grid and localy varying mean

semionlaptev - Posted on 18 June 2011

How does masked grid work? I haven't found any information about it. I need to perform kriging with a localy varying mean. As I understand, varying mean should be stored in a masked regular grid. I tried to load my XYZG values in, but always got shifted data as if X and Y were mixed up. I managed to create suitable grid in SVN version, but it crashes during computations. How do I make a correct LVM grid? thank you!
I have done it by loading into masked point set and saving as masked cartesian grid, but now I get error saying that LVM is incorrect. I've loaded it as masked point set and it looks right in 3d view.
Yes, it must be the same grid for kriging as used for LVM. it is all ok now. Waiting for new release!

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