Training Image format

mami97 - Posted on 23 June 2011

I have a 2D channel image and I would like to use it as a training image in SGeMS. But I do not know how to change it to the format used by the program(i.e. one column binary file). I tried to use Matlab but it is giving a different format. Please help me to do that. Mami
there are several ways which you can make import TIs form another sources. In your case, suppose that you have 2D image, first you should import it into MATLAB, then you must convert it to its original fashion (e.g binary or cont. one). There procedure for each of them are simple. For example, if you want to convert an image to its binary fashion, first you should define a threshold on your image and then convert it. OK. Now, suppose that you have it data in C=TI(:); then you should make a gslib data to able able to export it SGeMS. If you do not have such data, you can use the available .dat file and simply drag it to notepad and pasts your data. Keep it in your mind that the format is: % Name of your data % number of variable (in this case you have 1) % name of your variable (e.g. facies) your data in one column then you should save it and drag it into SGeMS. Hope it helps.

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