Where can I get Training Images about sandstone distributions?

Sarah Anzaita Putri - Posted on 02 July 2011

I need some qualified Training Images for each depositional environment (fluvial, delta, estuarine, marine, etc) which can describe the sandstone distribution in that area (facies and gelogical pattern) for my thesis. Can anyone give me those images or just the literatures (maybe the web address)?
Hi Sarah, there different source which you can find your TIs. the first source which maybe is the easiest one is the published papers (e.g. in Math. Geosc., C&G, Computational Geosciences,...) which they have used a variety of TIs. your second source can be the available thesis! the last one is to using the satellite images (e.g. Landsat,...) which according to your case you can search on google and find your images. But, just keep it in your mind that the obtained images can be difference and you need to do some pre-processing on them in order they be applicable for your work. You may refer to a asked question in the forum in which one asked that how it is possible to use the available images in SGeMS. I briefly explained there about the process which one should do to reach his/her TI.

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