new windows executables

joa - Posted on 16 September 2011

Hello, i have question about the new windows executables which can be downloaded. I have compiled sgems (rev. 137) from svn by myself, than a have create a (test)plugin, just to see how plugin development works. All is fine, the plugin works. Now i Have installed the new available windows executable, but when i copy the plugin (.dll + .ui file) to the plugin/geostat folder, the plugin does not appear in sgems. What did i wrong? I compiled SGeMS with Python 2.6, Qt_4.7.3, Coin 3.1.3, SoQt-1.5.0, boost-1.46.1. Maybe there is a connection with the dependencies. Thx for any help ! André

The new windows binaries were compiled with Visual Studio 2010, svn142 and python 2.7. I just updated the svn such that it exactly matches the code found in the new beta release. You should also update the GsTL code from the cvs repository.

If you are using Visual Studio 2008 that could definitely be a problem. If I were you I would also switch to Python 2.7. The msvc10 projects (*.vcsproj) are now in the repository.

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