Compiling SGeMS

Compiling SGeMS from the source code is somewhat difficult with the multiple dependencies on external libraries. It is easier to compile on Linux OS, for instance all but one of the libraries can be installed from synaptic in Ubuntu. This section provides instructions to compile both on Windows and Linux system.

Qt3 and QT4 version of SGeMS

Qt is a library used to build SGeMS user interface. SGeMS has been originally developed with QT3 which was free on Linux but not for Windows system. Although very convenient to rapidly develop user interfaces, the windows licensing is a barrier to the development of SGeMS. SGeMS has now been ported to Qt4, which has GPL license for both Linux and Windows. The Qt4 SGeMS version has not been as tested as the Qt3 version, and should be considered as beta.

The Linux developer has the choice between the two versions. The windows developer should use the Qt4 version or pay the Qt3 licensing fee. These two versions are very different and are not compatible one with another.

Version control system

It is strongly encouraged to download the source code from their respective library repository. It allows all developers to work on the same version and to automatically get code updates and bug fixes.