SNESIM Realization Validation Process

hassanrezaee1986 - Posted on 26 October 2011

Hi all, I am working with SNESIM and the phenomenon under simulation is Dyke system of a porphyry deposit. I have chosen some test data those were hidden when the simulations are drawn. Now, I want to apply the validation procedure and my problem is exactly here: One way to do so is to compare the nodes (simulated) with real (which had been hidden for testing purposes), and to compute the percentage of correct simulated nodes. I got 70% correct simulated nodes on test part, but the structures are not well-reproduced. I think there should be some other factors by which I can apply the validation process that accounts for the structure of phenomenon under study. I would appreciate it if you let me know which method or strategy I should use in which not only the local accuracy (node-by-node comparison) is considered but also the global features' reproduction (in other words the patterns) are seen when validating the realizations. THANK YOU :)