aboucher - Posted on 03 June 2009

This website aims at complementing the book Applied Geostatistics with SGeMS and to provide support to SGeMS software users and developers. A whole section is devoted to programming with SGeMS, a topic that is not covered in the book. The user will find resources that complement what is already available in the book.

SGeMS is continuously evolving with bugs getting identified and removed and new features being added. We will post new developments on this site. We hope that some of you will get involved with the development and create a community that will launch SGeMS to the next level.

The content of the previous website has almost completely been transfered to this site. More materials have been added, notably on how to use python with SGeMS.

This site allows the users, once registered, to comment and participate. This can be done by commenting on posts or participating in the forums. If you have publication that involved the use of SGeMS we would like to add your work to the publication list.

This site, as the software, is a work in progress and can only improve with your participation and feedbacks.

im greatly appreciating this helpfull web ashraf elmaghraby cairo University Egypt

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