Developer workshop at University of Neuchatel, Switzerland

aboucher - Posted on 03 November 2009

The first ever developer workshop has been held from July 27th to 29th in Neuchatel, Switzerland. The event was organized by Prof. Philippe Renard and hosted by the Centre of Hydrogeology and Geothermics (CHYN) of the University of Neuchatel. The class was taught by Alex Boucher. We had attendees from Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Italy and a first class venue with stunning views of Lake Neuchatel.

On day one we reviewed SGeMS functionalities and capabilities followed by an afternoon on Python scripting.

The second day was devoted to a recall of C++ such as syntax, objects, templates and iterators. The afternoon was spent writing simple plugins and learning the basic SGeMS programming interface

Finally, on day three the attendees wrote new SGeMS commands and more complex plugins such as factorial kriging.

Classroom at University of Neuchatel for the SGeMS developer workshop Group picture in front on Lake Neuchatel